Georgia is a fast developing study abroad market. Over the past decade the country has made great strides. Georgia’s economy has grown robustly at an average annual rate of 4.5 percent. This was despite numerous shocks, including the global financial crisis of 2007-08, the conflict with the Russian Federation in 2008, and the drop in commodity prices since 2014 that has impacted key trading partners.

According to the World Bank: ‘Deep reforms in economic management and governance have earned Georgia a reputation of “star reformer.” As a result, ‘the country’s international ratings on governance and the investment climate have soared’.

Rising GDP and the demand for quality education go hand in hand. Currently 25% of undergraduate and graduate students in Georgia are actively looking for education opportunities overseas. At this point, close to 10,000 Georgian students are studying abroad at tertiary level. 

Main Branches of Higher Education Studies in Georgia
• Social Sciences, Business and Law
• Arts and Humanities
• Technical and Technology Sciences
• Natural Sciences and Mathematics
• Health
• Interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary and trans-disciplinary sciences
• Agriculture and Veterinary


A total number of 9,765 students from Georgia are studying abroad (for or as part of a degree in higher education) according to the UNESCO Institute for Statistics. The most popular study abroad destinations are Germany, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, The UK, The USA, France, Azerbaijan and Greece.

If you are recruiting undergraduate students you may want to consider visiting IB schools in Georgia. There are 6 IB schools in Tbilisi and they have an international curriculum taught in English. The quality of these schools is perfect. There is quite a large expat community in Georgia’s major city Tbilisi. Please feel free to contact us for more information about IB Schools in Tbilisi.


Emergency Number: 122 (Police is available 24 hours a day to help you), 113 (Ambulance)

VISA: Please visit to see visa free regime.

If you need e-visa to enter Georgia please visit

  • Quick Facts
  • Population
    3,9 million / Tbilisi 1,1 million
  • Education
    12 years compulsory
  • Academic Year
    September - June
  • Currency
    (Georgian Lari) – Card Payments are Accepted at Most Shops and Restaurants
  • Capital City
  • Official Language
  • Internet Domain
  • International Dialling Code
  • Time Zone
    4 hours ahead of GMT
  • Best Transportation Options
    UBER and BOLT Taxi Apps
  • Wi-fi
    Free at the Airport

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